The Genesis Strategic Solution

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”

- Albert Szent-Györgyi
  • Beginning with your “Why” provides Clarity
  • By gaining Clarity on your Why, you gain Confidence
  • Clarity & Confidence allow you to make Confident Decisions
  • Confident Decisions provide a sense of Peace and Freedom resulting in Maximized Impact and Legacy
  • Clarity of your “Why” leads to Clarity of “What” you want to accomplish
  • Clarity on your “Why” and “What” provides Confidence
  • Clarity & Confidence allows you to make Confident Decisions on the “How”
  • The best “How,” resulting from Clarity on your Why & What, provides a sense of Peace & Freedom resulting in Maximized Impact


Advanced Strategies and Solutions

Our Proprietary and other strategies are designed to help you:

  • Reduce – Taxes, Risks & Uncertainty
  • Increase – Control, Financial Independence & Certainty
  • Maximize Impact & Legacy – Making a Difference

Advanced Planning

Through our affiliation with Lion Street and other elite advisory, legal and accounting firms around the country, we are constantly adding to our inventory of strategies, tools and technique with a strong emphasis on being proactive, not reactive.

Our strategies are designed to help you:

  • Build wealth by saving taxes
  • Use your business to fully fund your financial independence
  • Become “creditor proof” by building pools of assets that are beyond the reach of creditors
  • Assure the successful transition of your business to those you choose
  • Pass wealth with WISDOM so as to bless and not curse your heirs
  • Tax-free wealth transfer by eliminating all transfer taxes

All done to:

  • Assure and protect your lifetime financial independence
  • Prepare your heirs, transferring wealth with wisdom
  • Maximize your Impact

Our Proprietary Process:

  • Begin with Your Strategic Opportunity Snapshot™
  • Work with you to develop Your Family Mission & Impact Statement™
  • Continue with Your Strategic Blueprint™
  • Work collaboratively with your advisory team to Optimize & Implement Your Strategic Blueprint™ to develop Your Strategic Path™


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