problem-graphic-2Universal Client Problems

Business Owners’ Greatest Risks – “Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the face.”  Mike Tyson

  • Failure of your business
  • Catastrophic loss of income
  • Creditors
  • Lawsuits
  • Longevity Risk (dying too soon or living too long)
  • Catastrophic medical/long term care costs
  • Statistics say only 1 in 3 businesses will survive into the 2nd generation and 97% will fail by the 3rd generation
  • There will be a $40 trillion wealth transfer from the Baby Boomers to their heirs; are your heirs prepared to receive their share?

3 Fatal Mistakes of Business Owners

Business owners assume that...

  • My business will be my retirement”
  • “My business will not fail”
  • “I’m doing everything I should be doing”

Universal Client Objectives

Business Owner Trifecta – Assure that you have:

  • Sufficient creditor proof assets to survive a “wipe-out” (Financial Independence)
  • Successful business transition upon retirement, disability or death (Business Indep.)
  • Control 100% of your wealth @ death, while passing wealth with wisdom to your heirs and converting all transfer taxes to charitable causes you are passionate about (Controlling ALL of your wealth)


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